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Quality Home Senior Care

LincolnPark FamilyCare (LPFC) is the most ambitious non-medical home care provider serving Chicago’s North Side. We exclusively serve North Side city residents, providing a wide range of in-home care services. LPFC is a locally-owned and operated company and is passionate about serving seniors and those in need throughout our North Side neighborhoods.


Our mission is to not only provide exceptional professional care for our seniors in need, but to strive to enhance their quality of life and personal growth. We do this by providing dependable and affordable care, while enthusiastically nurturing our seniors’ interests, activities, and goals. We variously witness, participate, and even lead these interests and activities with those we care for, depending upon their preferences and degree of independence.


Our focus is to keep you or your loved ones engaged, active, and happy at home. We also help identify, encourage, and assist travel and attendance to out-of-home activities that provide additional enjoyment. Attention to these aims allow us to help our seniors avoid loss of friends, groups, activities, or places that help maintain a vigorous independence and enriched quality of life.


We pride ourselves on offering not only highly qualified, compassionate caregivers, but offering those with compatible interests and goals to encourage mutual enjoyment with those they care for. This shows up in shared humor, satisfaction of intellectual curiosities, or just having more fun together. We do this by identifying the personality, interests, and sense of humor of all involved, so we can make a promising match.


If you or your loved ones live in Chicago’s North Side and wish to remain independent at home, contact LPFC to discuss your care needs.


In-home care is our specialty, and we can help!